Filmage Screen: The Best Screen Recorder & Video Editor for Mac

Filmage Screen is an all-in-one video toolbox, you can record HD video, edit video, make animated GIFs, convert video and do more on your Mac.

Filmage Screen is a professional and complete video toolbox for capturing screen, recording audio, editing video, and converting video formats on your macOS devices.

Filmage Screen

Filmage Screen is an all-in-one screen recording and video editing software, allowing you to make videos amazing. Recreated from the ground up, Filmage Screen integrates the best screen recorder, basic audio recorder, professional video editor, handy video converter and GIF maker, revolutionary to let you create wonderful videos.

It enables you to record the Mac screen by customizing recording areas or a specific window and record your iOS screen with WIFI or USB. Also, it supports you to edit videos with easy-to-use video editing tools, like text box, sketch, shapes, subtitle effects and more.

Filmage Screen enables you to convert any video to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, over 30 formats, export your video as animated GIF quickly, and do more than you can imagine.

 Come and enjoy the best screen recorder and editor now.

 >>> Easy-to-use Video Recording

  •  Create video tutorials or video demonstration by capturing your Mac screen
  •  Record all your screen at full screen or any size(mouse cursor movement)
  •  Record a specified window even if it is covered. 
  •  Record iOS screen and mirror iOS video with WiFi / USB
  •  Capture any footage in front of the webcam
  •  Customize recording areas by dragging windows area
  •  Compress video with one click by choosing 1080P / 720P / 360P screen resolution before recording 
  •  Quickly export recorded video to MP4, animated GIF(GIF maker) and other formats
  •  Record the audio with system build-in microphone, computer sound card or audio input device
  •  Unlimited recording time

 >>> Professional Video Editing Suite

  •  Enhance videos with full editing suite for faster, easier editing
  •  Professional video edit suite with voiceover and dynamic subtitle effect, highly customizable
  •  Edit video with basic editing tools: texts, shapes, sketch, music, clip, redo, undo
  •  Customize the content / color / size / position of text to create personalized subtitles for copyright protection
  •  Mute the original audio with one-click to easily change the background music of videos
  •  Export videos to MOV, M4V, MKV, AVI, WMV and over 30 without watermark

 >>> Incredible Video Converter

  •  Convert any video file to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV and other 30+ 
  •  Convert video to iMovie, Final Cut Pro, IDVD or ProRes for further editing
  •  Support video input directly from your iOS device, Camcorder and DVD file
  •  High-Speed Conversion mode converts file at 30X faster speed than contemporaries
  •  Batch convert multiple files to the same format or different simultaneously
  •  Extract audio track from a video file in high fidelity
  •  Convert HD video without any quality loss
  •  Customize the output folder to save output files

 >>> Comprehensible Media Player

  •  Support play almost any video format: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, F4V, F4B, and other 1000+ formats 
  •  Handle various 4K/1080P/720P HD videos for further editing

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2018 Kodi On Apple TV 4K: Here’s How To Sideload Install It

If you are looking for a guide to install Kodi on Apple TV 4K and tvOS, you are in the right place. In this article, it gives the guide on how to download, sideload and install it the right way on your latest Apple TV set-top box.

Preparation Stage

This guide does not only apply to the latest 5th-generation Apple TV 4K but to the previous 4th-generation Apple TV 4 as well. Moreover, no jailbreak of any kind required for this to work.

First up, you need to pair or connect your Apple TV 4K wirelessly to Xcode on Mac. The reason why you need to connect your Mac to it wirelessly is that the latest Apple TV 4K doesn’t have USB-C port like the previous-generation model.

Hence, once you have your Apple TV and Xcode on Mac set up correctly, follow the next step below.

The next step is to start download Kodi 17.x with support for Apple TV 4K. Click this link if you want to download it from here: Kodi 17.4 IPA, DEB For Apple TV 4K / 4 / tvOS 11 Download Released.

Installing Stage

After you have the Kodi.DEB file downloaded for Apple TV 4K, all you need to do is to generate a signed IPA file for it. Once done, sideload it using Xcode on Mac.

Once you completed the sideloaded process, go back to your tvOS Home screen. In the screen, you should have the Kodi app icon there ready for launch.

Select the icon and you are done. Start to enjoy Kodi access on your 4K+HDR capable Apple TV 4K, or the 4th-generation Apple TV 4.

Kodi Blocked Million From Illegal Streams

According to Express News, a new block is being put in place by UEFA. This aims to stop matches being to beamed to TV Players, such as Kodi, without permission.

The high court order to instantly block streams was gained late last year and it comes into force today. In other words, the clashes between Real Madrid v PSG and FC Porto v Liverpool will be some of the first to get stopped.

Furthermore, some of the UK’s biggest ISP’s including BT, Virgin Media and Sky told that they must take immediate action. Hence, they have to block any illicit streams.

So, it is a real bad luck for people who are using this illegal practice. And If you are one them, better stop now than never.

Bitcoin Latest Update: Bitcoin Price Crosses $10,000 Mark Again

Bitcoin has passed the $10,000 per coin mark again. This makes the first time it has done so in over two weeks following a big fall at the beginning of February.

The price of a Bitcoin has been steadily increasing since that point. However, keeping up with the price of Bitcoin right now is something of a full-time job.

Moreover, many individuals find that it has always been a very volatile currency to track. Especially, the rise and fall of its value over the past few months has been of great interest to many.

Bitcoin Price Crosses

Cryptocurrency is in the news the world over right now. With Bitcoin leading the way, the flagship cryptocurrency currently accounts for around 35 percent of the total value of all of the crypto coins out there.

Moreover, with a single coin having reached the all-time high of $19,000 just before the end of December, it’s easy to see why all eyes are on it. But still,  it is difficult to know just why Bitcoin saw a fall in value a couple of weeks ago.

On the other hand, the London Block Exchange, a UK crypto exchange, believes that it may have something to do with the Lunar New Year according to a market update it published. Not everyone is on the cryptocurrency train though.

Multiple countries have banned or suggested bans. This happens with some banks that are taking steps to prevent their customers from using their credit cards to make purchases of digital currency.

Bitcoin Could Bring In New Buyers

In a sentiment-driven market like Bitcoin, key price levels such as $10,000 appear to attract new buyers and help the price.

The cryptocurrency had lost two-thirds of its value in a rapid plunge from a record high above $19,000 in mid-December to a low below $6,000 last week. But thanks to regulators’ statements that have alleviated fears of a heavy-handed crackdown.

Moreover, the coin has begun to recover and some analysts see the psychologically key level as a trigger for new buyers to come into the market.

Samsung Galaxy News: The Reason Why Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo Download Pulled By Samsung

Most of us know that the problems which Google has with getting smartphone makers to update their devices to the latest and greatest versions of Android. However, that plans are unlikely to change anytime soon.

On the other side, the folks at Samsung are at least trying their best to get their current flagship phone up to speed before it replaces at the end of this month. The Galaxy S8 has been undergoing an Android Oreo beta program for a few weeks now.

Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo Download Pulled Out

With the Galaxy S9 due to its announcement in a couple of weeks, it is expected that Oreo is to release before then. However, the company has stopped its rollout of the software, citing a particular problem as the reason.

Even though Samsung had essentially completed it’s beta testing and had even started to roll the final build of Android Oreo out to some markets, the company has now ceased that rollout.

It happens after it was discovered that there is a bug that causes devices to restart unexpectedly. Moreover, the firm also confirmed it.

Furthermore, the company has removed the firmware versions G950/G955 from its servers as a result of the bug.

There is no clear reason why Samsung have everything ironed out. However, with all eyes on the Galaxy S9, there is a hope the company does not take its eye off the ball before getting Oreo out of the door.

Samsung Confirmed Galaxy S9 Significant New Features

In a trio of the official teaser on its YouTube channel, the company has left nothing to the imagination and the clips confirm the headline changes. It also hopes that it sells both the Galaxy S9 and its bigger brother the Galaxy S9 Plus.

The new features are:

Game-Changing Super Slow Motion: The latest Galaxy is going to come with the extreme “Super Slo Mo” mode which leaked last month.

Very Low Light Photography: With the low light photography feature, it is all going to be about their cameras and the controversial difference.

Face Recognition / Animoji: The company did not resist copying key iPhone technologies and this year is no exception, And yes, the Galaxy S9 adds facial recognition and animojis.


Apple iOS 11 Update 2018: How To Fix iOS 11.2.6 Indian Character Crash Bug

It hugely grants that Apple is issuing a new software update in the coming week. They also need to fix the recently discovered crashing issue when a native Apple text control receives a specific Telugu character.

Moreover, it’s likely that update will be offered in the form of iOS 11.2.6 as a minor point update release solely with this fix.

Where It All Begins

If you are one of the people who often communicate with anyone who uses the Telugu language to text. Or in social media status updates and is not really part of the online community for this type of thing. It means that you totally escaped yet another text-based issue has been identified in iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

However, for other people, the newly discovered issue in iOS 11.2.5. This causes apps which embed a native Apple text control to crash when they receive a specific character from the Telugu Indian language.

The company has fixed this problem with the latest iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 betas. But that does not really help those sitting on current public versions.

Moreover, the bug is now a common knowledge, and it is starting to be shared across social media. It also means that Apple actually needs to act quickly in order to squash it.

What generally happens currently is that people start to prank their friends by sending messages with this character in, which, in turn, crashes or hangs their device. Instead of just letting this spread, Apple will likely release an iOS 11.2.6 update in the next week. Furthermore, it is to solve the problem while allowing device owners to upgrade and ensure that their devices protected.

How To Fix iOS 11.2.6

In the present day, the only real solution to this right now is to register as a public tester. In other words, you have to get access to the latest iOS 11.3 beta. Nevertheless, some people just are not comfortable using beta software, which is entirely understandable.

For people who want to get the link with the beta, the company has a better proposal for them. The offers allow them not only get access to Apple’s pre-release software which contains the latest features and improvements but also resolves this niggling issue with immediate effect.

For those who simply do not want to abide beta firmware, and who would prefer to hang tight, it is a case of waiting. And they have to hang around until Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to the general public with this patch included.

2018 Windows 10 Product Key Update: How To Find It And How It Works?

If you looking for Windows 10 product key, then you are in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find the product key and how activation works on free upgraded versus new retail copies of Windows 10.

2018 Windows 10 Product Key


Even you are scanning for Microsoft’s free upgrade offer, which by the way was free till 2016. Or you got a new license for your PC off retail, online, via subscription-based sources like Microsoft’s own MSDN service.

There is still something you need to know about the latest product keys. Moreover, you must also understand the full process involved in activating a machine on Microsoft’s latest desktop OS.

If you upgraded your PC to Windows 10 from a genuine copy of either Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 7, the license will be tied to the hardware you upgrade on, not your Microsoft account.

Moreover, it does not give any new product key either. It allows you to verify this using any third-party product key fetching software like ProduKey and The Ultimate PID Checker.

They will show you generic product keys like TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99 for Windows 10 Home. Furthermore, it offers VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T for Windows 10 Pro edition.

Requirements For Installation

To clean install Windows 10 on the same machine, the software allows you to do that by downloading an ISO file. Then turns it into a USB drive or DVD media and then running the setup for a clean install.

During installation, when Windows setup asks you for the product key.  Just simply skip the step and let it complete the installation.

Once Windows 10 clean install is complete, your copy of Windows will activate automatically as soon as you connect to the Internet.

The reason for this is that Microsoft knows you clean installed on the same hardware. Furthermore, it also lets you check the activation status from either Setting by going to Update & security > Activation

Product Key And Activation More Details

If you bought the retail license of Windows 10 or got a digital product key either from Windows Store, MSDN, DreamSpark, etc.  You obviously have a unique product key that entered in Windows setup during clean installations.

In case you lose the number, the programs allow you to use third-party software’s like ProduKey to find it on an existing installation. Besides, those third-party staff is available in the internet.

Sessioncam Vs FullStory: Can SessionCam Beat FullStory?

Monitoring users as they interacting with software is a powerful and often under-utilized method in user experience. Furthermore, its power derives mainly from the frequent displace between what users say and what they do.

In this article, it exposes the main difference between two excellent tools that developer must have on their list, Sessioncam, and FullStory.


Sessioncam is a tool that lets users record customer activity on the site. It also allows them to record, and then replay every user’s motion.

During practice, playing back a session in Sessioncam is similar to watching a video of a customer’s interaction with the site. Users can watch visitor’s mouse movements, scrolling, clicking, and form interactions.

Although this tool provides massive of useful functionality, its user interface is not that easy to learn or use. Getting the most out of it requires a lot of time and practice.

Full Story

FullStory is a unique tool out there. It’s not trying to be Hotjar or anything else. However, it just functions differently.

From the tool’s dashboard, developers can track clicks, activity, and guests through their easy-to-use interface. The difference is, these recordings are not only video-based.

It was indexed and organized through FullStory, which creates a comprehensive database of how users are browsing the section.

Once the service has spent some point analyzing the site, a developer can search the database for precise pages, links, and resources to track activity.

Furthermore, users can even view how the customers are using the site while they’re using it. It may sound weird, but the insights developers could gather from this feature might be priceless.

FullStory makes it easier than ever to troubleshoot or determine what aspects of the website need improvement to better the end-user experience.

Additionally, its recording feature is so thorough that it will even report when users click rapidly on something out of frustration or confusion. It records and categories these events as “rage clicks.”

Statistic Comparison

In the present time, FullStory is leading in top 100k sites, top 1m sites, and the entire web while SessionCam is leading only to top 10k sites.

Furthermore, FullStory has better usage coverage in more websites categories. These include business & industry, internet & telecom, travel, arts & entertainment and 105 other categories. SessionCam, on the other hand, is leading in the shopping, finance, autos & vehicles, clothing, and 57 other categories.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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Free Recording Software: Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

Screen Recorders are essential tools that record the computer’s screen, specifically the ongoing activities on the screen. By utilizing the tools, you can record the screen as easily as taking screenshots on a computer or recording a camera.

Furthermore, recorders tools offer live-capture enhancements, post-capture video editing options, etc.

These tools are important when you wish to record create a how-to video to demonstrate the working of a software, record gameplay, or to upload to video streaming services such as YouTube.

Here are lists of best free screen recording software

Atomi ActivePresenter

Atomi ActivePresenter is a powerful tool that captures all or part of users computer screen with an excellent video quality.

Even though it lacks various features in the free edition, it still gives a perfect screen recorder for anyone who is looking forward to creating high-resolution long-time screencasts.


Screenpresso allows users to capture the desktop which is similar to screenshots and records at the same time. With all its superior features, this tool is one of the best premium screen recorders.

Although it doesn’t offer many features to free users, they can still capture the entire screen or specific areas. Moreover, users can organize their captures easily using its management features.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder allows users to record their entire computer screen. Additionally, users can record specific parts of the screen.

With this tool, users can shoot webinars, record video calls or conferences, record gameplay, and much more through its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Bandicam Screen Recorder

This tool is a friendly-to-use recorder. It has capabilities of capturing a specific area or the full screen.

Furthermore, it offers users to record flash games, streaming videos, and more. The software also comes with features like gaming mode, screen recording mode, and device recording mode for the ideal recording.

Ezvid Video Maker

Ezvid Video Maker is a practical desktop and screen recording software. With only a few clicks, users can record the computer screen to create high-resolution movies.

In addition to its features, it allows on-screen drawing and recording specific region which is parallel to Icecream Screen Recorder. Users can further add a title, description, keywords, and other info to their recorded videos.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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QA Mobile Website: Tops Tools To Tests Site for Mobile Devices

Creating a website for mobile customers can be frightening, especially when it comes to judging the massive range of browsers and mobile devices.

Favorably, there are some excellent tools available that can make your site be a mobile compatible. Furthermore, there are larger testing applications that include emulators that evaluate the site’s mobile readiness.

Here are top tools list for testing your site on mobile devices.


MobiReady is a testing tool that evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices and standards. Besides, it also provides a score from 1 to 5 and in-depth analysis of pages to determine how well your site performs on a mobile device.

W3C mobile OK Checker

W3C mobile OK Checker performs a range of tests on a web page to determine its level of mobile-friendliness. It primarily assesses basic usability, efficiency, and interoperability.


Gomez evaluates how well the- website performs on a mobile phone.

Moreover, it produces an instant score that based on depth analysis of over 30 mobile web development best practices. It also includes comprehensive recommendations on how to fix the issues identified.


This tool allows users to test their site on over100 browsers across 25 different operating systems which include mobile devices.

CrossBrowserTesting also comes with features like test site functionality, receives automated screenshots of the site, test for iPhone, etc..


BrowserStack is a tool that provides web-based browser testing. It comes with fast access to remote browsers, live testing, and developer tools.

Furthermore, users can access official mobile emulators for Apple iOS, Android, and Opera Mobile. Hence, users can test the site across a large range of devices.

Multi-Browser Viewer

This testing tool is a cross-browser compatibility application. Additionally, it holds 11 mobile browsers and emulators, as well as 55 standalone browsers and 88 screen capture browsers.

Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile platform enables users to access a wide variety of real mobile handsets and tablets connected to live mobile networks spread in different geo-locations.
Moreover, it allows users to test and control the processes on each handset. These make developers to ensure the optimal compatibility of a site, application, and service.


It is a tool for spot checking mobile web content on real mobile devices. It combines remotely with live mobile devices in real time. These allow users can see exactly how their website content looks and acts across a range of different mobile devices.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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Mobile Web QA: How Important Is Mobile Application Testing?

The figures of consumer and enterprise mobile apps have increased dramatically over the last few years. It leaves the end user with a humongous number of apps to choose.

However, the question left unanswered is how does the user choose the app that will take up the precious space on their device?

The answer is app quality is the key to any app’s success. And it can only be achieved through mobile application testing.

What is mobile application testing?

The success of apps can be marked by the number of downloads and the positive comments. Furthermore, it also depends on a rapid implementation of new features and bug fixes.

Mobile application testing allows developers to deliver better software and helps the app to developed by testing its functionality, usability, and consistency.

Why Is Mobile Application Testing Important?

Testing is, in fact, an essential part of every software development process, especially with mobile apps. The growing number of mobile devices is leading to a massive fragmentation of screen sizes, OS, variations of the standard OS, etc.

Moreover, with the agile processes, software testing is performed so often to assure the best possible quality.

Developers must also release new features and bug fixes with short intervals. These help users not to lose interest and satisfaction. Hence, app testing is vital to an app’s survival.

Types of Mobile Testing

Two kinds of testing take place on mobile devices:

  • Hardware testing

These include the internal processors, internal hardware, screen sizes, resolution, space or memory, camera, radio, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc.

It also referred to as, simple “Mobile Testing.”

  • Software or Application testing

Software or Application testing is where applications that work on mobile devices and tested their functionality. It described as the “Mobile Application Testing” to separate it from the earlier method.

Even in the mobile applications, few mean differences are necessary to understanding:

First of all is Native apps. A native application designed for use on a platform like mobile and tablets.

Next is Mobile web apps. It is server-side apps to reach website/s on mobile using various browsers like Chrome, Firefox by attaching to a mobile network or wireless network.

Finally, Hybrid apps. It is a combination of both native app and web app. They run on devices or offline that are using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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