Fullstory Vs Hotjar: Are They Equally Good Or Not?


make customers feel satisfied, you must understand them. However, to understand their need, you need data.

Every developer struggles to collect a pile of data. They have to mine it to extract the meaning and hypotheses about their customers.

By using software like Hotjar or FullStory, they can get excellent insights into their website activity. Hence, this was potentially supporting their understanding of the audience and boosting sales in the process.

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a tool that genuinely combines analytics with feedback. Its heatmaps feature visualizes the activity on the user’s website so that they can view what buttons and pages are getting the most offerings.

It works via “hot and cold” scoring system areas that are frequently clicked on will display as “hot” areas as a warm color. On the other hand, areas that are not so popular will be visualized as “cold” with cool colors.

Hotjar also has a unique way of its approaches data collection and pricing. Its contestants in the Analysis field automatically get data from all visitors and pages of a site. After that, it charges their customers based on the number of total visitors to the site.

However, Hotjar offers a simple, affordable plan ($29/month) with unlimited insights. In this way, it makes Hotjar ideal for fast moving and lean organizations since it allows for rapid changes and follows up snapshot reports.

What is FullStory?

FullStory is a unique tool out there. It’s not trying to be Hotjar or anything else. However, it just functions differently.

From the tool’s dashboard, developers can track clicks, activity, and guests through their easy-to-use interface. The difference is, these recordings are not only video-based.

It was indexed and organized through FullStory, which creates a comprehensive database of how users are browsing the section.

Once the service has spent some point analyzing the site, a developer can search the database for precise pages, links, and resources to track activity.

Furthermore, users can even view how the customers are using the site while they’re using it. It may sound weird, but the insights developers could gather from this feature might be priceless.

FullStory makes it easier than ever to troubleshoot or determine what aspects of the website need improvement to better the end-user experience.

Additionally, its recording feature is so thorough that it will even report when users click rapidly on something out of frustration or confusion. It records and categories these events as “rage clicks.”

Numbers Don’t Lie

Hotjar is leading in Top 10K Sites, Top 100K Sites, Top 1M Sites and The Entire Web. Meanwhile, FullStory is still behind Hotjar in all market share segments.

Hotjar also has better usage coverage in more websites categories. These include business & industry, shopping, internet & telecom, arts & entertainment and 235 other classes.

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