Hotjar Honest Review: Worth It Or Not?

Hotjar becomes one of the most favorite tools,  which famous companies use it to improve their business platforms. With the latest functionalities it offers, users can observe how their visitors are behaving with their websites.

What is Hotjar?

It is tough to find an analytics tool that captures both identity and activity of the users of your website. However, Hotjar have all the answers for those problems, making everything run smoothly and effortlessly.

Companies can have the right notion of their website’s advantages and weaknesses with Hotjar evaluation tools.

These tools allow a consumer to look at the actions the site guests are doing, like are simply clicking, spending additional time, scrolling down, etc.

Also, it gathers opinions from customers through varieties, studies, and allows evaluating through testers in trade for gift items from members’ help.

What do you like best about Hotjar?

Hotjar provides some powerful tools to examine your website’s performance. With these easy-to-use tools, you can observe how site visitors are hanging out on your website.

You may even get a heatmap for the website that your guests are spending their time. There are different types of heatmaps.

Some of them showed which area of the site received more clicks while some stand for which part of a full page received more attention.

Furthermore, HotJar record the cursor activities and location on a particular webpage of your website as done by a specific visitor. This record allows you to identify the areas on a full page which captured most attention and intrigued visitors to learn more.

Another tool called conversion funnel, monitors which page most site visitors lost their attention. It also helps to improve a web form by determining domains that trouble anyone who would like to contact you.

You can accumulate feedback by requesting questions from the net and mobile guests or acquire deeper information through the review. Moreover, you can recruit users for evaluation, offer a gift to them, and gain the necessary data. This data can be used to bring advancements in your marketing plans.

What do you dislike about Hotjar?

Sometimes CSS settings can get mucky, and the shortcoming can easily leave records on videos on lower plan levels which can be very frustrating. Recorded program tagging and commenting should also be more accessible and better quality.

Overall, HotJar is a great tool with a lot of features for any online business or website. However, there are not many companies that work online I wouldn’t recommend this device to.

Each business has its own characteristics, and can require a specific business Intelligence software solution which adjusted to their company size, type clients and staff, and even individual niche they cater to.

You should not count on getting perfect services that is going to be suitable for each business no matter what their history is.

It might be a good idea to read a few Hotjar reviews first. And even then you should pay attention to what the service is supposed to do for your company as well as your staff.

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