QA Tool: Top Excellent Tool For Developers Must Know

In the present day, developers faced with both a growing number of ways to test new software and an increasing number of tools to accomplish those tests. And this leads them to a question about what are QA tools that they should consider.

Luckily, this article is all about the QA tools. Here’s are the most trending tools that could help developers with their project.

1. TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz is a testing tool without code, scripting by Cygnet Infotech or known as CMMI Level 3 IT solutions provider. It also has an Enterprise edition offers a complete package of various automated testing solutions like web testing and software testing.

Furthermore, it provides database testing, API testing, mobile app testing, regression test suite maintenance, optimization, and cross-browser testing.

2. Selenium

Selenium is a testing framework to perform web application testing across various browsers and platforms. It includes Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It also helps the testers to write tests in various programming languages like Java, PHP, C#, Python, Groovy, Ruby, and Perl. Selenium offers record and playback features to write trials without learning its IDE.

Selenium proudly supports some of the largest, yet well-known browser vendors which companies made it as a fundamental part of their browser.

Moreover, it is undoubtedly the base for most of the other software testing tools in general.

3. HP Unified Functional Testing

HP QuickTest Professional is also known as HPE Unified Functional Testing. It offers testing automation for functional and regression testing for the software applications.

 It also has a Visual Basic Scripting Edition scripting language which is to test processes and operates the various objects while controlling it in the applications test.

4. IBM Rational Functional Tester

Part of IBM’s larger Rational testing platform, the Rational Functional Tester uses data to automate functional and regression testing. It supports a variety of applications and allows for both storyboard testing and test scripting.

5. TestPlant-EggPlant Functional

TestPlant-EggPlant Functional is an automated functional testing tool that uses an image approach. It works by looking at the screen of any device the same way a user would.

This image-based UI testing differs from the traditional approach because it tests from the perspective of a user rather than by looking at the code. It also works across all device types.

6. Katalon Studio

Katalon is a complete web and mobile automation framework built on top of Selenium and Appium. It packed with essential features that only available in commercial tools while remaining as a free solution

7. Upwork

Upwork gives an extensive network of freelancers for any number of testing requirements. Although it is not a testing community, it still does boast a vast network of technology freelancers.

 With Upwork, companies post a job description, freelancers apply, and companies can select a freelancer based on factors like skills, project proposal, and pricing.

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