Inspectlet Vs Hotjar: The Best of The Best Software Tool?

Managing a test can involve a variety of duties for the tester. A few of its underlying task consists of the creation and maintenance of project cycles, continually testing and tracing execution, and cleaning and tracking bugs.

In this article, we compared two best software tools that can make your project go smoothly and fluently.


A tool that records videos of the visitors as they use the site. It allows you to see everything they do, every mouse movement, click, scroll, and keypress on your site.

You can also use it to discover where visitors are getting confused on your site and what’s getting their interest.

Inspectlet concentrates on web and user experience analytics. The app has been designed to improve the ability to understand each visitor’s unique perspective.

With Inspectlet, developers can learn valuable information from observing their potential customers.

When it comes to heatmap, the app uses a JavaScript code copied and pasted to the site to monitor visits in real time. Furthermore, it relays the information to the servers, compiled the data, and presented as digestible web analytics data.

The dashboard interface is customizable and robust, but also intuitive.The screen capture feature records what’s taking place on each visit, tracking mouse movements, scrolling, keystrokes, and clicks.


It is hard to find an analytics tool that captures both identity and activity of the users of your website. However, Hotjar have all the answers for those problems, making everything run smoothly and effortlessly.

Companies can have the right notion of their website’s advantages and weaknesses with Hotjar evaluation tools.

These tools allow a consumer to look at the actions the site guests are doing, like are merely clicking, spending additional time, scrolling down, etc.

Also, it gathers opinions from customers through varieties, studies, and allows evaluating through testers in trade for gift items from members’ help.

Hotjar provides some powerful tools to examine your website’s performance. With these easy-to-use tools, you can observe how site visitors are hanging out on your website.

Some of the heatmaps show the area of the site that received more clicks while some reveal which part of a full-page received more attention.

Furthermore, HotJar record the cursor activities and location on a particular webpage of your website as done by a specific visitor. This file allows you to identify the areas on a full page which captured most attention and intrigued visitors to learn more.

Another tool called conversion funnel, monitors which page most site visitors lost their attention. It also helps to improve a web form by determining domains that trouble anyone who would like to contact you.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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