iPhone Tips And Guide: How To Record The Screen On Your iPhone


When it comes to iOS 11, Apple added an excellent screenshot tool that makes the upgrade worth the price of upgrading alone. However, Apple also added a new Screen Recording tool.

In other words, instead of taking a boring screenshot and drawing on it with digital ink, Apple’s fans can now record and narrate their iPhone or iPad screen.

How To Record The Screen On Your iPhone

To start the new screen recording feature, users just need to add the feature’s button to Control Center.

To do so, the user can go to Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls then tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording.

How To Record Without Sound

With the shortcut button added to Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of the device’s screen and tap the Screen Recording button

After that the switch will begin counting down from 3, giving users time to get to the screen they want to record.

Moreover, the status bar at the top of the phone’s display will turn red when it’s actively recording. Hence, users can tap the red bar to stop recording instantly.

How To Narrate When You Are Recording

To narrate while recording, users must have a 3D Touch-enabled iOS device and to do so, long press on the Screen Recording shortcut in Control Center. If the user lacks 3D Touch, a simple hard press will do the work.

The button that turns Microphone Audio On or Off will show up underneath the record button. Tap the button to turn audio recording on, and then tap Start Recording.

The microphone button will turn red when activated as a reminder that audio captured. These make the iOS 11 record using the device’s microphone along with whatever is on the screen.

How To Share

Once users stop recording, the video saved to the Camera Roll on the device.

Open the Photos app to find it. Users can then view, edit and share the recording as they please.

How to Record You Screen With Other iOS?

If you are using iOS 10 or lower, there is no built-in way to record an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch screen. Furthermore, Apple doesn’t allow any third-party apps to screen record either.

However, there is another way. Users can use a tool called AirShou, from Shou.TV.

This tool allows users to screen record directly from the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch without having to jailbreak or use a computer.

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