Mouseflow Review: How Good Is This Tool Can Be?

Most developers suffer from information overload as spam in Google analytics is not helping them at all. However, Mouseflow gives users the entire sets of recordings that show them exactly what their guests do when they visit.

What are the best things about Mouseflow?

Mouseflow is a tool that can record full user sessions, tracking their website mouse activity clicks, and scroll behavior. The online session replay tool can take high volumes of data and break down the figures for users to advance their web analytics at a fair price.

Furthermore, it offers users to live stream people on their site with a website recorder and figure out which experiences on their website are causing their guest to frustrated.

With the vital information, developers can strengthen online experience their target audience as well as make more income. That happens because web pages won’t be off-putting to users.

In the meantime, heatmap tools can provide developers with a broad overview of how guests relate to the website. By applying Mouseflow as a mouse tracker, drawing on its visual insights, and utilizing its heat map tools, developers can achieve many benefits.

Here an example. Users can improve how visitors interact with the website which leads to increasing the conversion rates and pushing up sales. This tool supports many devices, including Mac, Windows, Linux, mobile app, and even Windows phone.

When it comes to heatmap tools, there are many features to make use of, including click, scroll, and heatmaps movement. As for the analysis part, there is in-page, link, form, funnel, usability, and drop-off analysis.

Moreover, funnel analytics let developers recognize how users appear from page to page. Additionally, the features in the comprehensive session replay software are trend report, keypress logging, and performance testing.

What are the downsides of the Mouseflow?

The only thing that users consider is the downfall of Mouseflow is that they will have to proceed to a higher plan than the Starter package when they have more than one website. Additionally, each program limits the number of sessions they can watch in the month.

If users end up getting a massive boost in site visitors, they might not be able to track their sessions if they have reached their plan’s maximum viewing amount. And this can be frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Mouseflow allows users to record their visitors easier. Despite having to go for more than the free plan, it is worth the investment if developers have the budget for upping conversion rates and improving visitor’s experiences with their website.

Developers can use the mouse tracking and heatmaps tools to get valuable data that they can see clearly on the dashboard, especially with the unique filters.

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