Apple iOS 11 Update 2018: How To Fix iOS 11.2.6 Indian Character Crash Bug

It hugely grants that Apple is issuing a new software update in the coming week. They also need to fix the recently discovered crashing issue when a native Apple text control receives a specific Telugu character.

Moreover, it’s likely that update will be offered in the form of iOS 11.2.6 as a minor point update release solely with this fix.

Where It All Begins

If you are one of the people who often communicate with anyone who uses the Telugu language to text. Or in social media status updates and is not really part of the online community for this type of thing. It means that you totally escaped yet another text-based issue has been identified in iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

However, for other people, the newly discovered issue in iOS 11.2.5. This causes apps which embed a native Apple text control to crash when they receive a specific character from the Telugu Indian language.

The company has fixed this problem with the latest iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 betas. But that does not really help those sitting on current public versions.

Moreover, the bug is now a common knowledge, and it is starting to be shared across social media. It also means that Apple actually needs to act quickly in order to squash it.

What generally happens currently is that people start to prank their friends by sending messages with this character in, which, in turn, crashes or hangs their device. Instead of just letting this spread, Apple will likely release an iOS 11.2.6 update in the next week. Furthermore, it is to solve the problem while allowing device owners to upgrade and ensure that their devices protected.

How To Fix iOS 11.2.6

In the present day, the only real solution to this right now is to register as a public tester. In other words, you have to get access to the latest iOS 11.3 beta. Nevertheless, some people just are not comfortable using beta software, which is entirely understandable.

For people who want to get the link with the beta, the company has a better proposal for them. The offers allow them not only get access to Apple’s pre-release software which contains the latest features and improvements but also resolves this niggling issue with immediate effect.

For those who simply do not want to abide beta firmware, and who would prefer to hang tight, it is a case of waiting. And they have to hang around until Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to the general public with this patch included.

QA Mobile Website: Tops Tools To Tests Site for Mobile Devices

Creating a website for mobile customers can be frightening, especially when it comes to judging the massive range of browsers and mobile devices.

Favorably, there are some excellent tools available that can make your site be a mobile compatible. Furthermore, there are larger testing applications that include emulators that evaluate the site’s mobile readiness.

Here are top tools list for testing your site on mobile devices.


MobiReady is a testing tool that evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices and standards. Besides, it also provides a score from 1 to 5 and in-depth analysis of pages to determine how well your site performs on a mobile device.

W3C mobile OK Checker

W3C mobile OK Checker performs a range of tests on a web page to determine its level of mobile-friendliness. It primarily assesses basic usability, efficiency, and interoperability.


Gomez evaluates how well the- website performs on a mobile phone.

Moreover, it produces an instant score that based on depth analysis of over 30 mobile web development best practices. It also includes comprehensive recommendations on how to fix the issues identified.


This tool allows users to test their site on over100 browsers across 25 different operating systems which include mobile devices.

CrossBrowserTesting also comes with features like test site functionality, receives automated screenshots of the site, test for iPhone, etc..


BrowserStack is a tool that provides web-based browser testing. It comes with fast access to remote browsers, live testing, and developer tools.

Furthermore, users can access official mobile emulators for Apple iOS, Android, and Opera Mobile. Hence, users can test the site across a large range of devices.

Multi-Browser Viewer

This testing tool is a cross-browser compatibility application. Additionally, it holds 11 mobile browsers and emulators, as well as 55 standalone browsers and 88 screen capture browsers.

Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile platform enables users to access a wide variety of real mobile handsets and tablets connected to live mobile networks spread in different geo-locations.
Moreover, it allows users to test and control the processes on each handset. These make developers to ensure the optimal compatibility of a site, application, and service.


It is a tool for spot checking mobile web content on real mobile devices. It combines remotely with live mobile devices in real time. These allow users can see exactly how their website content looks and acts across a range of different mobile devices.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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QA iOS: Best iOS Test Automation Frameworks

With the increased production of iOS devices every year, the success of Apple is higher than ever before. On the other hand, massive companies like SMEs find it not practical to acquire every piece of iOS devices with different OS versions.

In simple terms, testing apps or games manually is not an ideal option for QA process anymore. And this is all due to low efficiency and scalability issue.

Although iOS is still a closed operating system compared to Android, many open source test automation frameworks and tools are utilized to build robust automated tests.

With the help of a cloud testing, it enables developers and testers to verify app quality more efficient in a better way. Hence, it makes iOS testing tasks easier.

In this article, it reveals the best iOS testing frameworks that give you a basic understanding of getting started with the iOS testing.


These two are the primary test automation frameworks for iOS app testing.

XCTest allows developers to write tests for components at any level while providing the framework for UI testing capabilities. It grouped tests into subclasses of XCTest Case.

XCUITest, on the other hand, is a functional testing tool. It computerizes tests of common workflows, demo sequences, and behavior of customer views.

The framework comes with XCUITest Recorder. It is a tool for recording the first steps of the automated test.

To find the elements, their properties and navigating through the element tree of the application. Developers can also make use of its interface builder.


Calabash is another excellent cross-platform framework that works perfectly for Android and iOS apps. One of the prominent differences to other structures is that Calabash tests recorded in Cucumber.

In other words, it means the test is written like a specification which is simple and easy to read even for common people. However, it still executable by the automation system.


Appium is popular due to its flexibility and usability on both Android and iOS. Furthermore, it works on native, hybrid, and web applications.

When it comes to iOS testing, it uses “JSONWireProtocol” to keep with iOS applications using Selenium WebDriver.

With its feature, Appium does support mobile web testing. This makes it as if Selenium would be used for web testing.


EarlGrey is a tool that parallel to Espresso. The only difference is the tool was developed by Google.

Google uses this test framework to test many iOS native apps including YouTube, Google Calendar, etc. As for the codes, plenty of similarities found between Espresso and EarlGrey.

For example, EarlGrey tests will automatically wait for events like animations or network requests before trying to interact with the UI.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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