Session Replay: What Is It Use For And Is It That Important?

Most of the customers experiences are turning dramatically to digital courses. It shifted from consumer-facing retail, travel, professional services, communication, and finance to SaaS.

However, internet online is where critical decisions and meaningful engagement occurs. However, the experience of users and customer that happens online hid within a black box.

Even authoritative tools like Google Analytics only provide simple, rudimentary figures like bounce rates, clicks, and time on page. These metrics fail to convey all the differences in human behavior.

Furthermore, it’s the details that help developers create bugs, designers understand, and improve UX. It also helps customer support professionals step-in,  assists customers in need, and marketers tell compelling product accounts.

On the other hand, it makes developers understand marketing funnels and optimize conversion rates.

The combination of being able to filter user sessions by multiple events or user actions is a requirement for great developers. With session replay(QA-recorder) can help build funnels and optimize conversion rates.

These are all possible by watching sessions of users that fall out of the funnel.

How Does Session Replay Help?

Session Replay help to solve bugs faster by tying up session links with bug reporting tools and customer support tickets. The only thing that developers  need to do is to search for sessions that contain “error clicks.”

By Pairing session recordings with console logs, it creates a powerful way to eliminate JavaScript errors on your site.

Here are some pairing examples:

  • thredUP with e-commerce retails
  • Travel Syndication Technology (TST) with travel booking engine
  • Clubhouse with project management app.
  • SpanishDict with translation service

Additionally, it measures the adoption of features by watching sessions from real users who engaged with the new feature.

Finally, if your session replay(QA-recorder) tool includes a way to identify individual visitors, you can transport the user information that is needed to conduct a follow-up email marketing campaign.

Is Session Replay Powerful?

The details above is just a general information. It was an introduction to how excellent method can make developers have a better insight into user behavior.

In this way, it can solve the real problems in customer experience effectively.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

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Bugzilla Guide: How To Add A Bug In Bugzilla Step By Steps

Bugzilla is an open-source issue and bug tracking system. It allows developers to keep track of outstanding problems with their product efficiently.

Although it is a Defect tracking tool, it can use as a test management tool which linked to other Test Case management tools like Quality Center, Testlink, etc. Furthermore, the device is always written in Perl and uses MYSQL database.

How To Add A Bug In Bugzilla Step By Steps

Step 1: Visit the home-page of Bugzilla and click on NEW tab from the main menu

Step 2:  In the next window complete all the details in the product,  component, description. Then select version, severity, hardware,  and OS. And finally, enter summary, description, and attach the attachment.

Step 3: After filling all the boxes, click Submit to send your file.

Step 4: When the bug appears, you can add additional information to the assigned bug like URL, keywords, whiteboard, tags, etc.  The information is helpful to the detail of the Bug you have created.

Step 5: Deadline in Bugzilla usually gives the time-limit to resolve the bug in given time frame.  In the same window if you scroll down further. You can select the deadline date and also a status of the bug.

What are the Bugzilla benefits?

Bugzilla is effective bug tracking solution used by many individual developers and companies. The software quickly addresses the singular problem of tracking bugs for bugs and defects in software.

Features that make Bugzilla a standout among its competition include a potent Advanced search tool, email notifications, time tracking, reporting and charting, and a request system to mention a few.

The system achieves this via a user-friendly Web interface that can access from any modern browser.

The only drawback that many people criticize about Bugzilla is that non-Linux/UNIX administrators find it hard and confusing to install. Furthermore, developers have difficulty to run the software on their system.

However, once installed, Bugzilla is a capable program and has the tools to help you do everything you need to keep all the bugs tracked and developers happy.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

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Mouseflow Review: How Good Is This Tool Can Be?

Most developers suffer from information overload as spam in Google analytics is not helping them at all. However, Mouseflow gives users the entire sets of recordings that show them exactly what their guests do when they visit.

What are the best things about Mouseflow?

Mouseflow is a tool that can record full user sessions, tracking their website mouse activity clicks, and scroll behavior. The online session replay tool can take high volumes of data and break down the figures for users to advance their web analytics at a fair price.

Furthermore, it offers users to live stream people on their site with a website recorder and figure out which experiences on their website are causing their guest to frustrated.

With the vital information, developers can strengthen online experience their target audience as well as make more income. That happens because web pages won’t be off-putting to users.

In the meantime, heatmap tools can provide developers with a broad overview of how guests relate to the website. By applying Mouseflow as a mouse tracker, drawing on its visual insights, and utilizing its heat map tools, developers can achieve many benefits.

Here an example. Users can improve how visitors interact with the website which leads to increasing the conversion rates and pushing up sales. This tool supports many devices, including Mac, Windows, Linux, mobile app, and even Windows phone.

When it comes to heatmap tools, there are many features to make use of, including click, scroll, and heatmaps movement. As for the analysis part, there is in-page, link, form, funnel, usability, and drop-off analysis.

Moreover, funnel analytics let developers recognize how users appear from page to page. Additionally, the features in the comprehensive session replay software are trend report, keypress logging, and performance testing.

What are the downsides of the Mouseflow?

The only thing that users consider is the downfall of Mouseflow is that they will have to proceed to a higher plan than the Starter package when they have more than one website. Additionally, each program limits the number of sessions they can watch in the month.

If users end up getting a massive boost in site visitors, they might not be able to track their sessions if they have reached their plan’s maximum viewing amount. And this can be frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Mouseflow allows users to record their visitors easier. Despite having to go for more than the free plan, it is worth the investment if developers have the budget for upping conversion rates and improving visitor’s experiences with their website.

Developers can use the mouse tracking and heatmaps tools to get valuable data that they can see clearly on the dashboard, especially with the unique filters.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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Inspectlet Review: Can it be one of the best QA tool out there?

Inspectlet is a QA tool that records videos of developers’ visitors as they use their site. These allow them to comprehend everything their guest do. Furthermore, it records every mouse movement, click, scroll, and even keystrokes on the site.

Developers can use this tool to discover where their visitors are getting confused on the website and what’s getting their attention. Hence, they can understand the mindset of the visitors and increase the exchange rate.

Moreover, Inspectlet is created to specialize in user experience and web analytics. The app is designed to improve the ability to understand each visitor’s unique perspective.

What are the best things about Inspectlet?

The best things most people found in Inspectlet, is that users can learn vital information from observing their potential customers. Users can see precisely what clients are looking for and how they use the site.

Aside from the recording features, Inspectlet is also a top website heat map. The app utilizes JavaScript code by copying and pasting to the developers’ site to monitor visits in real-time.

It also relays the information to the servers and the data is compiled and presented as digestible web analytics data.

Although the dashboard interface is customizable and robust, it is still insightful. The screen capture feature documents what’s taking place on each visit, tracking mouse movements, scrolling, keystrokes, and clicks.

This tool uses two different methods of screen capture to work even on complex sites. Developers can use Inspectlet’s filtering features to identify the specific visitors they want to track and monitor.

Furthermore, the app also features a funnel analysis tool that shows how and when interactions took place. Funnel analysis for example. It can show which visitors added something to a cart, but did not complete checkout.

Developers can define which visitors are viewing by filtering for various actions, such as those that pressed the play button on a video. In short, Inspectlet is a top rate website heat map and analytics platform.

What are the downsides of Inspectlet?

Most users are not satisfied with the experience that sessions only last for 30 days. Even though many QA tool is also using this kind of platform, Inspectlet now offers saving sessions for 60 days, at a reasonable moderate increase in price.

This offer is far better than gouging on your wallet, as a few of the other place will do to extend session length.

Final Thoughts

Developers can try the free trial subscription to test it out or use the very lowest paid level. Furthermore, they can cancel at any time without any impact.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with 1 click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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FullStory Review: It is Special Or Just Plain Ordinary?

Several Web developers find it very difficult to fix bugs that users report especially the one that they can’t recreate. However, FullStory is a product that can help with that.

What Is It All About?

FullStory is an app that records all of the user’s customer experience data in one robust, easy-to-use platform. Its tiny script unlocks automatic insights, pixel-perfect session playback funnel analytics, segmentation, and active search.

It empowers every developer in their organization which helps build the best online experience for their customers. It further takes a fundamentally different approach to understanding developer’s customer experience.

Moreover, FullStory’s playback feature perfectly captures even the smallest single-page apps built on any JavaScript framework. Although it just not just videos, the playbacks of the tool is a fully-working recreation of users site, code, etc.

With all of its features, developer’s website will look fantastic on any size screen. Furthermore, no detail lost, no matter how tiny it is.

Google Ventures general partner Karim Faris said in a statement: “FullStory enables product, marketing, and support teams to understand what users are experiencing in their products.”

“They offer a natural way for companies to explore product and customer data that typically buried in log files. The team is strong, and their approach is clever, well differentiated, and built to scale to mass traffic on the largest publishers,” he added.

Although the team has been testing its product with some private beta testers, it is still now initiating it up to the public, and to support this launch, it plans to use its new funding to expand its team.

“We are going to get to work on sales and marketing,” said Voigt. Currently, FullStory’s team only has seven members, all on the product side except for Voigt.

How Much Will It Cost?

FullStory currently prices based on session volume which starter plan cost around $199/mo for 25,000 sessions. As for the Mid-range plan, it rounds around $399/mo for 150,000 sessions.

Finally, the Enterprise Plan. This luxury plan cost around $849/mo for 500,000 sessions.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with 1 click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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ClickTale Review: Overview, Details, And Suggestions

ClickTale is a tool that allows users to capture their website visitors while revealing their behavior, clicks, mouse pointer movement, keyboard strokes,  scroll speed, navigational issues, etc.

It can be considered as one of the most excellent apps that every website developers who are interested in conversion rate optimization should use.

To put into a better point of view, it’s like a tool that stands on the shoulders of the website visitors while filming their screens with a digital camera

Best Thing About ClickTale

ClickTale offers some features which combined give a deeper understanding of how guest behave while on your site.

These features include session playbacks, a selection of heat maps, a conversion funnel, form analytics and some site efficiency tools.

ClickTale’s session playback gives developers a recording of all browser sessions. It shows how visitors navigate across their site and which elements they interact with most. Furthermore, the selection of heatmaps offered in the tool includes mouse move, click, attention, and scroll reach heatmaps.

It also includes a graphics conversion funnel that shows developers visitors page-to-page journey across their site, allowing the developers to see where customers drop off and the highest converting paths.

Furthermore, the app offers form analytics to identify the fields that filled out the most. With ClickTale’s efficiency tools developers can access bounce reports and JS errors reports smoothly and effortlessly.

Worst Thing About ClickTale

The worst thing about this tool is that stakeholders can take advantage of it as an absolute fact about how all users interact with developer’s website. The best thing to do is to avoid sharing any video recordings with these guys.

However, developers can still share their heatmaps because some stakeholders don’t understand the term in heatmaps. Additionally, this method may or may not have influenced by a recent development of the site.

Moreover, it is better not rely on ClickTale to define problems. It is better to use it to support your expertise.

Final Thoughts

ClickTale has a great deal of information that offers to anyone who is interested in learning how the website used by visitors.

With its vast array of tools, developers can build a strategy that can increase their conversion rates or develop more engaging content.

The only real downside to using these services is the need to submit user’s private information to representation.

For those of you who have busy lifestyles, this can be a bit of a burden. However, the free account and detailed information could be worth your time if you don’t mind sitting on the phone.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with 1 click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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QA Recording Tools: Best Recording Tools That You Must Try

Taking error screenshots is the most common task for the software developers. They might be using either free or licensed tool to accomplish this task.

However, there are also some tools that very easy to use, functionality-rich for screen capturing, and annotator tool that will make everything run smoothly and effortlessly.

Here are the top best QA recording tools in 2017:

   1. qSnap

Users can get qSnap for the primary browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The software can be download from the qSnap page, Chrome Web Store, and even on the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons website.

As a screen capture software, simplicity is essential, and qSnap ticks all the right lists. Whenever users want to capture their browser window, they directly tap on that qSnap icon. The screenshot automatically opens in a new tab, and they will find a toolbar along the top.

Users can create shapes to highlight areas, add text, add arrows, blur sensitive information, or even draw freehand. Furthermore, it allows users to their image.

Most of QA developers rarely stop at a single screen capture, but luckily, qSnap extends multiple screen capture features that are unusually found in screen capture tools.

If users want to grab multiple screen captures, they can just continue to hit the tool icon, and their new photos will be added to the timeline.

   2. Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is screen capture software that does much more than the basics with webcam support, annotations and editing. It comes with a massive choice of capture options, built-in editing tools, highly customizable, and quirky interface.

This tool seems to have ideas a little above its station. Although it was label as a screenshot app, it can grab images from user’s webcam.

Moreover, Screenshot Captor can even include a full suite of scanning tools to make sure users documents look at their best.

   3. SnapDraw Free

SnapDraw Free is a screen capture tool with great post-processing effects. It is a perfect tool for capturing screenshots for something that needs to be well presented.

Ever though SnapDraw Free didn’t do absolutely everything for users, it still has fantastic features for user’s borders, backgrounds, and reflections which are all available by just clicking a checkbox.

When it comes to capturing, users can take shots of everything from several monitors at once all the way down to a separate object within a single window.

   4. Gadwin PrintScreen

Gadwin PrintScreen is a tool that is easily extendable. Although it does not have any editing tools, it still comes with customizable export options and simple controls.

This tool has streamlined and extremely convenient. It can sit quietly in the system tray until users need them.

When users use this software, it’s either bound to a hotkey of their choice or accessible from a handy auto-hiding control panel. It usually disappears when users fire off a screenshot, capture a window or snip a rectangular area.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with 1 click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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Quality Assurance Plan Templates: Free Sample Templates

All business website requires quality assurance plans that intend to secure that everything moves in the right way.

Quality Assurance Plan Template concentrates on an association’s profitability by comparing the amount it channels into various departments, and the amount it gets from such efforts.

The template takes a huge role in customers satisfaction by considering their opinion. By knowing an association’s effectiveness,  leaders can design a proficient method to enhance it.

The best quality template will include every essential detail in the business. It includes its hardware, laborers, providers, and merchants. It should also present the company’s conditions and shortcomings.

Below are sample Quality Assurance Plan Templates you can use to improve your business platform:

1. Protocol Quality Assurance Plan

Protocol Quality Assurance Plan ensures everything moves in the right direction. Furthermore, it considers all anchors of the organization including its machinery, workers, suppliers, and distributors, and point out their strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, it gives a tremendous help to leaders which make them create more reasonable conclusions.

Click here to download.

2. Sample Quality Assurance Management Plan

Quality Assurance Management Plan is a plan that centers around company’s productivity by comparing how much it channels into different departments and how much it receives from such efforts.

This Quality Assurance Management Plan Templates could also compare at the level of satisfaction of clients and gives hints about their perspective.

Click here to download.

3. ECHO Quality Assurance Plan

ECHO Quality Assurance Plan is a template that focuses on business owner’s productivity. It compares how much it channels into different departments of their organization and how much it receives from them.

Additionally, it helps developers to create more reasonable decision as it examines strength and weakness of all anchors of the organization.

Click here to download.

4. Clinical Quality Assurance Plan

Clinical Quality Assurance Plan is a user-friendly template. Developers can use it in a PDF Template which focuses on developer’s clinic’s productivity. Moreover, it functions as a comparison tool on how much the website channels into different departments and how much it is receiving.

This template looks at the level of satisfaction of patients and gives several suggestions on their perspective.

Click here to download.

5. Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan

Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan is easy to use in PDF Template. It works by comparing how much it channels into its different departments and how much it receives from those units.

This template allows developers to recognize laboratories productions which helps them to come up with a better solution and improvement.

Click here to download.

6. Quality Assurance Project Plan PPT

Quality Assurance Project Plan is a simple PPT template that focuses on a firm’s quality. It does it by weighing all anchors of the company including its workers, machines, suppliers, and distributors

Therefore, it can point out both of company’s strengths and weaknesses. This template helps in expressing a firm’s efficiency which intern help management to plan better and improve it.

Click here to download.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with 1 click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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QA Testing Tools List- All Details You Need To Know

QA test is the first requirement that all software needs before it can be released out to the general public. Great technicians use quality assurance testing tools for assessing specific requirements for their software.

The QA testing tools grouped into three main categories. It includes test management tools, functional testing tools, and performance testing tools.

QA Test Management Tools

Test Management Tools help developers to go through the requirements. It also gives them a chance to write appropriate test situations at the same time.

The various devices assist the creation, planning, and execution of the test. Once it carried out, the test management tools will create and monitor malware bugs.

If the unit has an automated test tool, these materials will combine into a single test and will automatically capture all results.

As for the manual assessing, an outstanding analyst will have to record all the results manually. Two tools that user can utilize are Mantis Bug Tracker and TestCollab or IBM Rational Quality Manager.

Mantis Bug Tracker simple to use and allows teammates to cooperate. This tool has custom fields for test cases and enables individuals to control various user’s access rights. Moreover, it includes email notifications for either updates or comments.

When it comes to the TestCollab, it helps plan and manage test cases along with producing in-depth reports of the test execution figures. Furthermore, it integrates with various other bug management tools as well.

QA Functional Testing Tools

Functional Testing Tools allows the engineer to check the average the software’s features and record its mistakes to the development team. These tools can be used both in the automated and manual test.

Favorite functional testing tools are Selenium which includes Selenium WebDriver and Selenium IDE. There are also  API and Unit Testing Tools, and Multi-Browser and Multi-Device testing Tools.

QA Performance Testing Tools

Every software products have its turning point especially when the performance of the app starts to go all the way down. However, with these performance testing tools, it allows developers to determine how reliable their applications are.

The performance testing tools give users to assess their app loads while providing data points on how many simultaneous other users can their app support. It can also test both the maximum and minimum response time on their app.

Soasta Cloud Test is one of the few tools that empower performance testing. It allows developers across various locations to test their app suddenly and continuously at any system. The test also provides real-time insights into the performance of your app.

Another tool is called Load Runner. This apparatus test both browser-based applications and native mobile applications. It can runs tests from multiple locations as well as running testing in the cloud.

This article of QA testing tools is just a sample of ideas that you can use for each type of testing. However, there are still many additional options available.

Remember, explore what testing tools are best for you and your team and let us know what worked for you.

If you are looking for QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with 1 click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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