Record Browser Session: How To Do It In Google Chrome Browser?

The fastest and easiest way to record your browser session is to use a tool called Openvid. This tool allows users to record their browser window along with its audio and video as they browse a site in Chrome.

Easy Steps For OpenVid

  • Step: Users must Open Chrome (Obviously)
  • Click Apps and search for Openvid Chrome extension and installed it.
  •  After you are done installing it, create an account at
  • Open the website you want to record and select the Openvid extension. During the recording session, the app will turn red which indicates that you are now recording a video of the site with audio from your microphone.
  • Select the circle in the lower left of the browser to turn on your webcam. These allow you to record from your face from the webcam.
  • When you have finished your recording session, select the Openvid extension again and choose End Record button. After that, you can now see all of your recorded videos at

Openvid  Tips And Tricks

Although Openvid records the site, it doesn’t include the entire screen. With a full-screen recording tool, users need to hide things before they record to eliminate unnecessary viewer distractions.

Unlike some screen recording tools that restrict recordings to 10 minutes or less, Openvid doesn’t have any limit recording time. With this extension, users can record without worrying about the time limit.

Furthermore, the system doesn’t insert a logo or watermark into the recording. The video shows exactly what users recorded.

Additionally, since Openvid works as a Chrome extension, it doesn’t require a complicated setup. It works on any desktop system that runs Chrome like Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows. Users just need to install the extension and create an account.

When it comes to video saving, Openvid automatically saves the completed video in WebM format at

In other words, users don’t have to remember to save their file, and there’s no additional “upload your video” step. Once users stop the recording session, the web page with the saved video will appear.

Moreover, all videos are public. However, they are accessible only with an obscurely long link.

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