Session Replay: What Is It Use For And Is It That Important?

Most of the customers experiences are turning dramatically to digital courses. It shifted from consumer-facing retail, travel, professional services, communication, and finance to SaaS.

However, internet online is where critical decisions and meaningful engagement occurs. However, the experience of users and customer that happens online hid within a black box.

Even authoritative tools like Google Analytics only provide simple, rudimentary figures like bounce rates, clicks, and time on page. These metrics fail to convey all the differences in human behavior.

Furthermore, it’s the details that help developers create bugs, designers understand, and improve UX. It also helps customer support professionals step-in,  assists customers in need, and marketers tell compelling product accounts.

On the other hand, it makes developers understand marketing funnels and optimize conversion rates.

The combination of being able to filter user sessions by multiple events or user actions is a requirement for great developers. With session replay(QA-recorder) can help build funnels and optimize conversion rates.

These are all possible by watching sessions of users that fall out of the funnel.

How Does Session Replay Help?

Session Replay help to solve bugs faster by tying up session links with bug reporting tools and customer support tickets. The only thing that developers  need to do is to search for sessions that contain “error clicks.”

By Pairing session recordings with console logs, it creates a powerful way to eliminate JavaScript errors on your site.

Here are some pairing examples:

  • thredUP with e-commerce retails
  • Travel Syndication Technology (TST) with travel booking engine
  • Clubhouse with project management app.
  • SpanishDict with translation service

Additionally, it measures the adoption of features by watching sessions from real users who engaged with the new feature.

Finally, if your session replay(QA-recorder) tool includes a way to identify individual visitors, you can transport the user information that is needed to conduct a follow-up email marketing campaign.

Is Session Replay Powerful?

The details above is just a general information. It was an introduction to how excellent method can make developers have a better insight into user behavior.

In this way, it can solve the real problems in customer experience effectively.

If you are looking for a QA tool that:

Record your browser sessions and mark your bugs.

Share the recording with your teammate with one click.

Recreate your bugs and get Mouse clicks, Scrolls, inputs, Animations, JS errors, Exceptions, and every user interaction.

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