Apple iOS 11 Update 2018: How To Fix iOS 11.2.6 Indian Character Crash Bug

It hugely grants that Apple is issuing a new software update in the coming week. They also need to fix the recently discovered crashing issue when a native Apple text control receives a specific Telugu character.

Moreover, it’s likely that update will be offered in the form of iOS 11.2.6 as a minor point update release solely with this fix.

Where It All Begins

If you are one of the people who often communicate with anyone who uses the Telugu language to text. Or in social media status updates and is not really part of the online community for this type of thing. It means that you totally escaped yet another text-based issue has been identified in iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

However, for other people, the newly discovered issue in iOS 11.2.5. This causes apps which embed a native Apple text control to crash when they receive a specific character from the Telugu Indian language.

The company has fixed this problem with the latest iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 betas. But that does not really help those sitting on current public versions.

Moreover, the bug is now a common knowledge, and it is starting to be shared across social media. It also means that Apple actually needs to act quickly in order to squash it.

What generally happens currently is that people start to prank their friends by sending messages with this character in, which, in turn, crashes or hangs their device. Instead of just letting this spread, Apple will likely release an iOS 11.2.6 update in the next week. Furthermore, it is to solve the problem while allowing device owners to upgrade and ensure that their devices protected.

How To Fix iOS 11.2.6

In the present day, the only real solution to this right now is to register as a public tester. In other words, you have to get access to the latest iOS 11.3 beta. Nevertheless, some people just are not comfortable using beta software, which is entirely understandable.

For people who want to get the link with the beta, the company has a better proposal for them. The offers allow them not only get access to Apple’s pre-release software which contains the latest features and improvements but also resolves this niggling issue with immediate effect.

For those who simply do not want to abide beta firmware, and who would prefer to hang tight, it is a case of waiting. And they have to hang around until Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to the general public with this patch included.

Bugzilla Guide: How To Add A Bug In Bugzilla Step By Steps

Bugzilla is an open-source issue and bug tracking system. It allows developers to keep track of outstanding problems with their product efficiently.

Although it is a Defect tracking tool, it can use as a test management tool which linked to other Test Case management tools like Quality Center, Testlink, etc. Furthermore, the device is always written in Perl and uses MYSQL database.

How To Add A Bug In Bugzilla Step By Steps

Step 1: Visit the home-page of Bugzilla and click on NEW tab from the main menu

Step 2:  In the next window complete all the details in the product,  component, description. Then select version, severity, hardware,  and OS. And finally, enter summary, description, and attach the attachment.

Step 3: After filling all the boxes, click Submit to send your file.

Step 4: When the bug appears, you can add additional information to the assigned bug like URL, keywords, whiteboard, tags, etc.  The information is helpful to the detail of the Bug you have created.

Step 5: Deadline in Bugzilla usually gives the time-limit to resolve the bug in given time frame.  In the same window if you scroll down further. You can select the deadline date and also a status of the bug.

What are the Bugzilla benefits?

Bugzilla is effective bug tracking solution used by many individual developers and companies. The software quickly addresses the singular problem of tracking bugs for bugs and defects in software.

Features that make Bugzilla a standout among its competition include a potent Advanced search tool, email notifications, time tracking, reporting and charting, and a request system to mention a few.

The system achieves this via a user-friendly Web interface that can access from any modern browser.

The only drawback that many people criticize about Bugzilla is that non-Linux/UNIX administrators find it hard and confusing to install. Furthermore, developers have difficulty to run the software on their system.

However, once installed, Bugzilla is a capable program and has the tools to help you do everything you need to keep all the bugs tracked and developers happy.

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